Underlost.net originally started as a blog I wrote in high school, and later evolved into a portfolio website. Now, it functions as a digital garden and playground for me to try new frameworks and technologies, as well as explore new ways to write and publish content. If you're interested to see what I'm working on, you can check out some of my personal projects and selected works.

Server Software

Content, including the newsletter, is published through the Ghost platform. The current site is built using ReactJS and GatsbyJS. The Ghost CMS is hosted on a Fly.io instance, while the frontend app is served on Netlify.  Static assets are hosted on AWS.

Additional Notes

The primary typeface for the site is Mona Sans. Some of the primary images I use around the site are scenes I rendered in the Unity game engine. The 3D model likeness of myself was created with Unreal Engine.

The source code of the site can be viewed on my Github.

Browser Support & accessibility

Underlost was built to support all modern web browsers. If something doesn’t look right, you’re probably using outdated software.