Formerly Female Founders Alliance, Graham & Walker is a community and Venture Capitol Fund for woman owned start-ups. When they rebranded, they needed a new website to not only publish news, but also display ever-changing content, from startups in their portfolio, case studies, and upcoming hosted events.

Using a simple design system, I worked closely with a designer to not just build various page components, but also help design them as well. The website went on to be featured on TechCrunch and other outlets at launch.

WordPress Page Builder

The site is mainly comprised of WordPress. The site uses a custom theme using a custom page builder using Advanced Custom Theme’s Flex layout fields. All components are modular, and can be arranged in any order or any page. This allowed pages to be built and reviewed quickly with the rest of the team.

Social Card Generator

To build anticipation for the launch of the website, we built a social media card generator for people to share on site like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This was achieved with the help of ImageMagick to generate dynamic images on the fly.


3 Months

Software & Services Used

  • Sketch App
  • Github
  • Visual Studio Code

Frameworks & Languages Used

  • WordPress
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • PHP
  • git
  • ImageMagick