The Baldur’s Gate franchise has always had somewhat of a murky licensing problem because so many companies own various pieces. Unless it’s resolved soon, I doubt we’ll see a remake of II, let alone a third installment. The promise of a mobile/tablet version is what always interested me about the enhanced version. It’s a shame that’s also been put on hold.

Yikes: Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Pulled, BGII On Hold
I am worried. I still don’t know what a Beamdog is, and now my chances of finding out are looking rather slim. The Bald…

02/12/2022 Update:

I love revisiting old posts like this. Not only has the licensing been resolved, Baldur's gate games have been ported to consoles and mobile devices like IOS, and the long awaited Baludur's Gate III is in active development and in early access at the time of this update.