Back in high school, around freshman year, I had really stared getting into programing. I started out making mods and items for Diablo, one of Blizzards first games. Eventually I moved on to chat bots, then to stupid, probably illegal schemes of stealing accounts for fun and profit, and so on.

During that time I some how made friends with what I guess you would call a hacker group. I use the term loosely, but I’m not sure what else you would call it. We just liked to make cool dumb shit for Blizzard games. Whether it was a god mode back, a stupid crash item, a map back, whatever it was. We had no goals or mission. We just had fun. We also liked to share our findings with the rest of the community. And so, was born.

And now it will live again. I have some exciting plans moving forward with it, while still preserving it’s place in history. Im not quite ready to announce anything beyond what’s on the current page just yet, but I plan on a soft reveal this fall.

Stay tuned!