What is it?

I want to start out by talking about what ALWP is, as well as what it will become. Right now its a blog where I can talk about and share my thoughts on video games and video games news. Some content will be thought out posts, while others will be brief thoughts on various news. I may even post a game review here and there. I sort of hate using the “Its like X, but for Y” comparison, but in a way, you can think of it like a linked list, but for video games commentary. I’ll be posting links with my own thoughts, essays, live blogging, and various other features.

I built the site to give me freedom to really post and do whatever I want. Everything was built from the ground up to accommodate how I wanted to do things. It’s still in its early stages, and I’m determining what works and what doesn’t. Blips for example, act as a way to live blog from various events and locations. I tested it earlier this summer during E3 to cover cover some of the major E3 press conferences.

The site will continue to change and evolve as time goes on, and Im excited to see where this goes.